Zoe M.

I can’t recommend SC enough! Whoever said that Singy was boring clearly hadn’t shared the SC love. I enjoy my card so much I’m entering into my second year. I can’t wait to explore more fab places!

Sophie A.

Thanks Survival Chic for revealing the best secrets of Singapore, from restaurants to bars to art galleries. Thanks to SC, I have shared incredible experiences with friends…

Katy & Ian D.

SC is giving us a fresh perspective on Singapore after having lived here for 7 years. It’s not just a lifestyle accelerator for new arrivals but a paradigm changer for those who have been here for a while.

Nicki R.

As a Christmas present, my SC membership is the gift that keeps on giving! Non-stop invites to fantastic events& great range of restaurants. Highly recommended!

Alex C.

Thank you the Survivistas! For the VIP invitations to Podium Lounge and all the other coolest events and parties in Singapore during the F1 Grand-Prix weekend! Awesome!

Jing Z.

My foodie friends are passionate about the SC gourmet restaurants, me the VIP events! I’m always short on time & rely on SC to hand select the hottest venues and most exclusive parties in the lion city! To meet a new circle of friends who have similar interests, and in the quest for a fantastic…

Suzy W.

I have been a loyal member for 3+ years now and find the card invaluable when deciding on nights (and days!) out… I love how the restaurants are updated so we get to try some of the new places around town – it is by far the best restaurant membership out there!

Colin L.

How wonderful your SC card is… a great incentive for new residents to Singapore to explore the hospitality scene, and engage in social events and explore new locations.