Jing Z.

My foodie friends are passionate about the SC gourmet restaurants, me the VIP events! I’m always short on time & rely on SC to hand select the hottest venues and most exclusive parties in the lion city! To meet a new circle of friends who have similar interests, and in the quest for a fantastic…

Suzy W.

I have been a loyal member for 3+ years now and find the card invaluable when deciding on nights (and days!) out… I love how the restaurants are updated so we get to try some of the new places around town – it is by far the best restaurant membership out there!

Colin L.

How wonderful your SC card is… a great incentive for new residents to Singapore to explore the hospitality scene, and engage in social events and explore new locations.

Kanika M.

Being a relatively new member of the SC community, I find it impressive that Survival Chic has such an interesting line-up of events and restaurants. They have great taste and there is something for everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed some of their events (e.g. F1 party at f.bar) and look forward to more!