Simon & Marion L.

We went to Culinary On courtesy of SC. There was an engaging group of people and we had fun as we made pasta from scratch and added a delicious shrimp and rucola sauce. While we were enjoying the dinner, Chef Antonio did magic with ice-cream and liquid nitrogen. This would be a great place for…

Jean-Francois L. & Serene T.

Wonderful evening with SC at CulinaryOn. The membership is the best deal in Singapore!

Nicolas S.

The most important is that life is beautiful!! And SC makes it even more beautiful with all the nice opportunities and the very professional and friendly staff!

Gilberto G.

The card has been really a great deal… Based on a quick calculation, I think I already saved about $ 3,000! So I’m happy to be a supporter!

Daniel A.

For me, SC is the way to be introduced to new and classy venues in Singapore. It has a great discount model that allows members to go out with their friends and have fun.

Clara S.

Thanks Survival Chic for such a fabulous way to enjoy the chic lifestyle in the Lion City… great discounts by top restaurants and awesome times with friends! It is a bonus to win complimentary tickets to many fantastic events such as… F1 parties, musicals at MBS & free meals at top restaurants!

Jessica N.

Survival Chic keeps me informed with the lastest events and happenings in Singapore. Winning complimentary tickets is the cherry on top, not to mention the great restaurant discounts!

Franck T.

Since joining the ‘SC family’, we’ve been happy to discover a huge number of very good restaurants… and to leave with 30% off the bill! It might be a love story…

Susana Z.

Very happy with SC. Truly awesome to enjoy 30% off the bill, including drinks, any day of the week!

Sarah W.

I’ve been a Member 2 years & absolutely intend to renew. Value has never been a question – from Podium Lounge F1 tickets, to art classes, to vouchers to the best new restaurants – I always more than recoup Membership fees.

Mavis P.

Thank you Survival Chic for offering the coolest events in town!

Lucille & Philippe

SC membership is… discovering new restaurants without the hassle of spending hours looking them up on the internet. We just pick one from the SC and enjoy our evening… No spams, just one email per week highlighting the best events of the city. Don’t wait 3 years like we did… join the SC community ASAP…

Julien A., entrepreneur, business developer & opportunity creator.
Thank you Survival Chic for a lovely night out with Tony Orlando! You guys consistently impress me & I would highly recommend your membership to anyone looking to discover the best of Singapore & everything it has to offer.

Adrea P.

My husband & I were overwhelmed by the number of restaurants, tired of spending tons of money on mediocre meals. Since Joining SC, the bars & restaurants chosen are the highest quality. With our 30% off and all the amazing events, the card has paid for itself many times over. I highly recommend SC!

James C.

I have been a member of Survival Chic for several years & am very pleased with the valuable service provided.

Elena O.

SC is a great option for a busy professional like me to be in the know, with cultural events that enrich my life. Great restaurant deals make membership even sweeter! Couple of dinners with friends and annual membership fee is fully covered…

Leonard N.

SC is easily the fastest way to amplify your lifestyle output here in Singapore. Many thanks for all the great experiences!

Zoe M.

I can’t recommend SC enough! Whoever said that Singy was boring clearly hadn’t shared the SC love. I enjoy my card so much I’m entering into my second year. I can’t wait to explore more fab places!

Alexandra S.

Survival Chic makes it happen! I’m a new member and I enjoy the offers – being it the restaurants or the events. Great concept! Thanks a lot SC!

Sophie A.

Thanks Survival Chic for revealing the best secrets of Singapore, from restaurants to bars to art galleries. Thanks to SC, I have shared incredible experiences with friends…

Seema B.

Went to Imaj Villas this weekend: service really good, staff friendly & helpful… setting is beautiful. Lovely time discovering Lombok, thanks to SC!

Claire C.

The Survival Chic programme is a wonderful gateway to dining and cultural experiences in Singapore… Thanks team Survival Chic!

David E.

Hello SC team! Thank you and Zsofi for a phenomenal complimentary dinner Monday! Mil Gracias!!!

Katy & Ian D.

SC is giving us a fresh perspective on Singapore after having lived here for 7 years. It’s not just a lifestyle accelerator for new arrivals but a paradigm changer for those who have been here for a while.

Tamara S.

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to SC for the complimentary concert tickets. It was a fantastic experience!

Nicki R.

As a Christmas present, my SC membership is the gift that keeps on giving! Non-stop invites to fantastic events& great range of restaurants. Highly recommended!

Claire T, editor of

As soon as I arrived in Singapore, I joined SC. Within 6 weeks I’ve golfed, had a tea at The Fullerton Hotel, won tickets to concerts & enjoyed spa treatments. It was a perfect way to discover my new home.

Gray B.

The SC Membership has literally changed my life.

Patricia P.

There’s something fun and interesting to do every week! Also, Merci for the Fashion treat Survival Chic!

Alex C.

Thank you the Survivistas! For the VIP invitations to Podium Lounge and all the other coolest events and parties in Singapore during the F1 Grand-Prix weekend! Awesome!

Jing Z.

My foodie friends are passionate about the SC gourmet restaurants, me the VIP events! I’m always short on time & rely on SC to hand select the hottest venues and most exclusive parties in the lion city! To meet a new circle of friends who have similar interests, and in the quest for a fantastic…

Martin R.

Thanks Survival Chic for the great ideas, excellent event organization, perfect service and timing and also the quality of food and drinks provided

Thomas R.

Survival Chic is great. I’ve already recommended it to many friends!

Suzy W.

I have been a loyal member for 3+ years now and find the card invaluable when deciding on nights (and days!) out… I love how the restaurants are updated so we get to try some of the new places around town – it is by far the best restaurant membership out there!

Stephen W.

Loving the SC card. Really opening up my Mind to new dining options!

Priya D.

For a foodie, music fan & socialite like me, I couldn’t dream of a better tool! I highly recommended to all new and old Singaporeans!

Sandra C & Douglas D.

SC is your entry ticket to a world of culinary & cultural experiences, and all things that make this city a pleasure to live in. 1000 thanks to the SC team for making Singapore our playground.

Colin L.

How wonderful your SC card is… a great incentive for new residents to Singapore to explore the hospitality scene, and engage in social events and explore new locations.

Rebecca S.

Survival Chic has opened up an entirely new Singapore after 12 years here… we will definitely continue our Membership

Laura C.

As the Girl About Town, I like to see and be seen. So from Restaurants to hot events, before making any plans I check with Survival Chic first.

Phil D.

Discovering the trendiest restaurants in Singapore, the best value brunch and saving over 500$ in one weekend? Thanks Survival Chic!

Cheryl N.

For my birthday, we went to a SC restaurant…. It was WONDERFUL. Had wanted to try for quite a while – the 30% off was just the push we needed!

Philipp Kristian D., Innovation Strategist, Entrepreneur SC… is a great resource for quality events and dining in town. SC’s member care is as exceptional… Aficionados of good food and culture or lifestyle events are sure to love the programme and find great value in it.

Kanika M.

Being a relatively new member of the SC community, I find it impressive that Survival Chic has such an interesting line-up of events and restaurants. They have great taste and there is something for everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed some of their events (e.g. F1 party at and look forward to more!

Priya D.

Thanks SC for sharing and inviting me to the best events in Singapore!

Lisa R.

From a cool rooftop to a gallery opening night, from a hot fashion show to an amazing concert… all in one week! Thanks a million!

Nick T.

Survival Chic has been the catalyst to us experiencing Singapore with people who share our passion for food, wine and friends. Thanks SC!

Marietta N.

SC was a fabulous introduction to some of the best wine & dine locations in Singapore. I recommend it to my friends, it’s a ‘must have’ for new arrivals!

Rodolphe L.

We enjoyed catching up with friends at the SC private event, and meeting new people while having nice cocktails and canapes.

Laurent C.

Survival Chic is the ultimate social networking. It brings you the best of Singapore’s art and food and people. I definitely love it!

Thomas R.

Whatever crazy idea you may have for food or entertainment, SC will bring it to you… and you will discover things you would never have thought of!

Romain D.

SC gets doors widely (wildly?) open to a whole world of treats and indulgence.

Else K.

Experience the best of Singapore lifestyle in a fast track way. Don’t miss Survival Chic….

Pooja N.

There can’t be good living where there’s not good wining, dining & networking. I love SC for keeping me in the loop of fun, fine food and friends.

Olivier G.

Singapore, you really have to WAKE UP! There is a lot waiting for you out there with ‘The Best Guide in Town: Survival Chic!

Marine O.

Provides good tips. Generates good experiences. Connects ‘happy people’. Designs a Singaporean art of living.

Arnaud C.

SC knows perfectly how to bring you the best of Singapore, from Asian to molecular food, from loungy bobo to hectic taboo parties. I just love it!

Caroline C., Founder of ‘My Dream Destination’

Survival Chic is the ideal ‘Survival Kit’ to enjoy the vibrant and amazing city of Singapore.

Corinne F.

Survival Chic: all you need to enjoy the best of Singapore. Unforgettable parties, delicious food, cultural events… Terrific!

Yue Y.

Singapore is so much more enjoyable after discovering SC – the cool lifestyle club that brings fun and delicious moments in life – thank you SC!

Caroline L.

Loving the SC perks and time savings…. I just sit back, relax & get updated on the latest exciting parties, shows, sales & exhibitions.

Kristal G.

I will endeavour to navigate San Fran on my own until you get a constituency there!

Jim S.

The Passion Pit concert last night was great! Thanks again Survival Chic for the free tickets!

Valerie M.

Survival Chic restaurants & events are a great easy way to enjoy the city & meet like-minded people. Definitely recommending it to friends!

Gail W.

Best of luck in your continued success with Survival Chic. What a unique, fun and useful option…!

Quitterie M.

With SC, you feel you’ve been living Singapore for many years! Discover, Taste, Cheer, Share, Enjoy!

Tina L.

Through SC I keep up with the hottest events in town & meet like-minded people who enjoy the best things in life!

Martin R.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you guys on this event: ideas, advice and perfect delivery!

Arely S.

Good time at the W Singapore Pool Party… thanks SC!

Wish R.

We go through moments in our lives when we want chill, artsy activates without the loudness and frills. Survival Chic finds those for me.

Olivier H.

No EP, no job yet but started with a SC Membership. Essential to get to know the chic Singapore invites, friends, customers…and employers.

Kimberlee G.

Rest assured, I will recommend Survival Chic to friends. I really enjoy the benefits and the events are as interesting as I can possibly imagine!

Gilles M.

Excellent bottle of Prosecco, courtesy of Survival Chic, and great dinner @ Senso last week-end! With 30% off, great courtyard, great recommendation & great value. Cheers!

Delia K.

I live in Bangkok and as a Singaporean, visit Singapore once or twice a year… SC allows me to catch up on the cultural & social scenes when I’m in town, and even without being here all the time, I’ve made back the fee several times over watching shows and dining…

Kara K.

As a newcomer to Singapore I am happy to have discovered SC. The friendly team are fabulous curators of Singaporean to do ! I would recommend it to anyone.

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