Epicurean vagabonds, Survival Chic founders Christophe (C) and Virginia (V) are crazy about food, wine, art, and events with an edge. After living off, working in, and traipsing across 6 continents collectively (no wineries in Antarctica), C & V know the time and effort it takes to discover the best lifestyle experiences in a city.

For 10 years, their inboxes have overflowed with requests from friends-of-friends, moving to one of the cities they have called home. These friends by association were looking for an authentic Scandinavian brunch in Buenos Aires, a funky Filipino art gallery in Singapore, or the shadiest terrace in Delhi or Paris for drinking a glass (or 3) of champagne.

C & V always took time to write back…But they found the more suggestions they gave, the more requests they got.

It seemed that smart cosmopolitans everywhere were looking for a Chic “Survival kit” — a list of insider tips — a shortcut to the city’s best food, wine, & events. And thus, in 2010 Survival Chic was born…

Since then, supportive Members, Friends and Advisors have helped SC grow into a Singapore’s top Dining & Lifestyle Membership, with loyal individual and corporate clients, and Partnerships with most of the major Restaurants and Events, and Chambers of Commerce & Associations in Singapore. SC does not advertise, but works via word-of-mouth, and has been featured in many top local and international Media.


SC believes in an open door, an open mind, and a healthy appetite for anything and everything. The goal is to help Members “Navigate the Good Life” in Singapore… making interesting new friends along the way.

SC welcomes all globetrotters with a taste for adventure and a sense of humor.

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