Survival Chic (SC) Dining Program:
SC Benefits / How SC Works

SC Dining Program Members enjoy 30% off the Table Bill at 40+ Top Restaurants, including alcohol, every day:

20,000+ in savings… for less than 1$/day. Members generally make back their Membership fee within 3-4 card uses.

  • SC applies on your 1st visit to each of SC’s 50 Restaurant Partners

  • Applies on food & drink (including alcohol) for brunch, lunch & dinner

  • Valid every day of the year, except Eve & Day of: Public Holidays & Valentine’s

  • Applies for up to 5 pax. (If party is larger, % off is slightly less. (See chart below for details)

  • Maximum total savings are 500$ at each of the 40 Partners, 20,000$ total.

  • Physical Card is required to enjoy the SC benefits

How are the Restaurants Chosen?

SC Restaurants are handpicked, covering a range of cuisines, locations, & price ranges, and often come from suggestions from our Members. Unlike in most Singapore guides, websites, & media, Restaurants cannot pay to be recommended by SC.

What is the process to enjoy the 30% off?

1) Each SC Restaurant has an ‘SC Number’, visible on the list here

2) Before making a reservation, check if you have already used that Restaurant’s ‘SC Number’ on your SC Card (check if it has been marked off). If not, the 30% savings will apply.

3) When asking for the bill, simply present valid SC Membership card.

4) Restaurant Staff will then scratch off that Restaurant’s ‘SC Number’ (showing that the card has been used at that Restaurant), and apply to the bill the savings below.

What is included?

■ All food
■ All drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
■ All meals when the restaurant is open, including breakfast, lunch, dinner & brunch
■ Every Day of the Week and Weekend

What is excluded?

■ Eve and Day of: Public Holidays & Valentine’s Day

■ Special/Private events and/or menus (Winemaker dinner, Bespoke or Truffle Menu, Seasonal event, etc.)
■ Pre-discounted items or menus (happy hours, 2-for-1, limited promotions, special menus)
■ Retail, Take Out & Private Room Reservation/Rental

Please note:

■ The SC Card-holder may be asked to show an ID matching the name on the SC Card.

■ SC 30% cannot be used in conjunction with another card or promotion (Loyalty card, credit card discount, voucher, etc.)

■ Only one SC Card may be used per group or table

■ Each number on the back of the card may be used once. When we add a new Restaurant we often negotiate a temporary exception. These are announced in the SC Newsletter and SC Website.

■ There is an admin fee to replace lost cards, due to a strict agreement with our Partners.

Join the Dining Program here or contact for more information.